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AretePlus Partners Limited

Tax Advisory

Complying with tax laws can be very demanding. AretePlus Partners Limited relieves its clients from this complex task. Our tax experts help you with tax planning, according to your business structure, and are able to handle all your tax matters; from the filing of returns to discussions with the tax authorities on your behalf. Our services cover Corporation Taxes, Personal Income Taxes, VAT.

We assist our clients to collect credit notes issued by the Federal Inland Revenue Service in respect of all Withholding Taxes (WHT) deductions to enable them use the certificates to redeem their company income tax obligations. The process of obtaining withholding tax credits from your customers can be cumbersome. You may not have sufficient resources to follow up on outstanding withholding tax credits with your suppliers, some of which may be located outside the area your office situates. We currently have dedicated resources, which go around following up on all outstanding withholding tax credits due to our clients.