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Risk Management

Proper risk management and internal control help organizations understand the risks they are exposed to, put controls in place to counter threats, and effectively pursue their objectives. They are therefore an important aspect of an organization’s governance, management, and operations. Under this category, we render the following services:

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The Enterprise Risk Management Services Team at AxiaPlus helps clients manage risk and uncertainty, from the boardroom to the network. To help clients achieve their stated business objectives, AxiaPlus provides array of services that allow clients to better measure, manage and control risk.

Services in the Enterprise Risk Management category include the following:

  • Enterprise Risk Management start-up documentation. This phase which is usually done with Management will include the ERM Policy, Risk Committee Charter, ERM Framework and Strategy and other documentation that may be dictated by the peculiarity of the client. Roles and Responsibilities of the ERM function that will complement the Governance Structure are also documented at this point.
  • Design of the Risk Management governance architecture suitable to the organization including development of organizational ERM road map.
  • Capability building initiative: This will involve skill gap analysis for the risk management function as well as conducting comprehensive training for various categories of staff. We also conduct specialized training for staff that will act as Risk Champions.
  • Identification and assessment of potential risks that could affect the achievement of corporate objectives. This will involve conducting preliminary risk assessment for the business units, develop tools and templates for risk assessment and conduct comprehensive risk and control self-assessment for business units or functions. We also apply Interviews and surveys to identify and assess risks
  • Documentation of Risk Register for business units and functional areas
  • Determination of appropriate supporting risk management system in line with the business nature, scope and size. This will also involve identification of opportunities for automation of key risk management processes, identify system and software requirements for risk management automation and identify major vendors and their products.
  • Enterprise Risk Management co-sourcing

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Many companies find it difficult to source and retain effective internal audit functions, because it requires a diversity of skills and significant investment in recruiting, training and professionally developing the personnel. Our Internal Audit personnel have acquired significant experience working as internal and external auditors in various organisations, including multinational companies with excellent corporate governance practice. They have also acquired experience working in different continents with diverse processes, and cultures.

AxiaPlus provides a complete range of internal audit, governance and risk services tailored to your sector, size, risk appetite and regulatory requirements. Our focus is on delivering the internal audit solution you need in a way that fits in with the way that you do business.

Whether you require outsourcing/co-sourcing, internal audit transformation, internal audit start-up assistance or simply a need to improve internal controls and increase efficiency and value – we are able to provide extensive knowledge, sector specialism and technical risk expertise tailored to individual needs. This eliminates the need for the organisation to recruit expertise that is difficult and sometimes relatively expensive to retain and maintain.

We can train your internal audit staff on the various aspects of the job (audit planning, sample selection, audit evidence, documentation of work done, writing of audit report etc).